Gifts through Bequests

St. Paul’s has been the recipient of bequests, both large and small over the years. These bequests, no matter how modest, have been welcome and important to St. Paul’s, and are often structured to create a permanent legacy.

The value of a bequest to St. Paul’s is fully deductible for estate tax purposes. A bequest can be made through a Will, Trust, Retirement Account or Insurance Policy. We would be happy to provide you with sample bequest language and encourage you to contact us to discuss making a bequest.

We sincerely appreciate your thinking of the church as you do your estate planning. We ask that you keep this in mind when writing your estate bequests. Any funds specifically identified as “restricted” for St. Paul’s needs is kept here at 100%. General bequests without a specific restriction are subject to the Diocesan ruling that 50% of such funds go into a Diocesan endowment in St. Paul’s name and only 50% comes directly to St. Paul’s.

Your generosity will help greatly in meeting the needs of our spiritual home, St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church.