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  • To lead the procession in a reverent manner.
  • To process the Cross, the sign of our redemption, with dignity and joy.
Basic Requirements
  • Arrive no less than 15-20 minutes early.
  • Be faithful to the schedule - get a substitute when needed
  • Be physically able to carry the parish processional Cross.
  • Be willing to attend workshops and meetings.
What is the appropriate attire when serving in any liturgical ministry?
  • Dress according to the dignity of the ministry:
  • No one is allowed to wear shorts, even dress shorts, sweat suits, jeans, tennis shoes, t-shirts or tank tops.
Remote Preparation

Day of the Liturgy

  • Upon arrival, check name on liturgy board.
  • Check the board for any notices to ALL MINISTERS or to CROSSBEARERS.
  • Be standing in place in front of the gift table with the Cross/Crucifix when the "Welcome" begins.
  • The Liturgy Coordinator will give you the signal to begin processing down the aisle.
  • Walk down the aisle with dignity and joy. Hold the Cross/Crucifix in front of you and as high as is comfortable.
  • Continue walking up the stairs beside the ambo, there is no need to bow or wait for the Celebrant. Place the Cross/Crucifix on the stand behind the wall.
  • When the closing hymn is announced, move to sanctuary and behind the wall to pick up the Cross/Crucifix.
  • Bring the Cross/Crucifix to the middle of the floor level using the stairs beside the ambo. Turn and face the altar.
  • When the Celebrant bows/genuflects and turns to leave, you turn and lead the procession out.
  • Process all the way to back be careful not to hit the lower ceiling in the back. Place the Cross/Crucifix on the stand behind the Baptismal Font.
  • Throughout the Liturgy, be attentive to the actions taking place, and be ready to adjust to any needs that may arise.