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Crucifix with the Risen Christ

Stained Glass WindowsThe Statue of the Risen Christ above the altar in St. Paul’s Sanctuary is an original piece of art by the well know Greensboro sculptor, Bulent Bediz. The statue was donated by parishioners Barbara and Tom Somerville in memory of their parents, Jack and Virginia Somerville and Herb and Ruth Konard.
When the Parish Center, which is now Fellowship Hall, was dedicated on Sunday, May 16, 1975 the statue of the Risen Christ hung above the altar. After a new Sanctuary was built in 1993 the statue was moved to the chapel. Because of the bishop's mandate that a crucifix be placed above the altar in the Sanctuary, it was again moved in 2005 to its present place. When it was moved a wooden cross was placed behind it so that it would stand out from the white wall behind it.

If you attend the 5:00 P.M. Mass and the sun is setting at just the right angle the statue is bathed in colored light from the rose window located on the opposite side of the Sanctuary giving it a divine appearance.