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General Information

Verbal Announcements

All requests for verbal announcements must be in the parish office, prior to the weekend of the announcement, by Monday before 12:00pm for approval by the staff. Please keep all announcements to one or two lines, mention just the highlights of your event or activity. Details should be placed in the bulletin two weeks in advance. Contact Peggy Connolly at 294.4696, ext 219.

Sacramental Sponsorship Certificates and Catholic School Subsidy Forms

Parish membership is a condition for the reception of the Sacraments of Baptism, First Eucharist, Confirmation and Marriage. Registration is also required before the parish can issue a sponsorship certificate for those asked to be sacramental sponsors. You must be a registered, contributing member for at least three months before a certificate is provided or a Catholic School Subsidy Form is approved.

Scheduling of Events and Narthex Sales/Sign-ups

Direct requests, IN WRITING, to Bob Berry via email bberry@ stpaulcc.org; fax 294.6149; or use the Room Reservation Form that is available in Fellowship Hall lobby. Requests must be received at least two weeks before the desired date. Frank Rizzo is Bobís back-up and can be reached as follows: email: fjrizzo@aol.com; cell phone: 254.6316, daily from 9am to 5pm; or office phone: 294.4696, ext 223.

Parish Pastoral Council

A list of the members is available on this website.

Parish Nurses

The Parish Nursesí office is open every Thursday 9:30am to 12:00pm.


Our library has many new books, a good reference section, childrenís books, WiFi Internet access and is a nice place to spend some quiet time. Hours are anytime the building is open. For more information, call Carol Kaczmarek at 294.4696, ext 231.

Weekly bulletin requests

Requests must be in the parish office by 12:00pm on Monday, two days in advance of the Wednesday publication.

Database Information

If you have had a change of address, phone number, email or are moving out of the parish, please notify Colleen Assa,l Parish Pastoral Associate with changes so that our records may be kept current. Her extension is 226 or email cassal@stpaulcc.org.

Second Collections

Allocations : The collection we call “allocations” is an outreach collection for local charities. It may also be referred to as GSO/Guilford Charities.

Mission Trips : This collection is taken up in early summer to enable the youth of our parish to go to Catholic Heart Work Camp.

Priests’ Retirement : This collection is unique in that the Diocese makes an assessment each year for this purpose. The Diocese specifically requests that we take up a collection in September and remit the funds from that collection. The balance due is then paid in January of the following year. Because we do not get enough money in the September collection to fund the entire assessment, which is usually a little over 40,000, we take up collections in December, March and June to supplement the September remittance. Our fiscal year ends June 30, after which a new assessment is made the following September.

You will find an envelope for each of these special collections in your envelope package. Thank you so very much for your continued generosity and caring.