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Liturgy Coordinator

Coordinator: Maryann Kingsmill

What is the role of the Liturgy Coordinator? (Purpose)
  • To assist in final preparations of parish liturgical celebrations.
Who can participate in this ministry? (Basic Requirements)
  • A fully initiated Catholic, one who has received the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and First Eucharist and is in good standing in the church.
  • Be active in the Catholic faith and registered member of St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church Community.
What is expected of me in performing this ministry? (Ministry Requirements)
  • Strive to grow in the knowledge, love, and understanding of the presence of Jesus in parish liturgical celebrations.
  • Personally find a substitute if needed.
  • Attend training sessions, and Workshops when scheduled.
  • Arrive at church at least 30 minutes before the start of Mass.
What is the appropriate attire when serving in any liturgical ministry
  • Dress according to the dignity of the ministry:
    • No one is allowed to wear shorts, even dress shorts, sweat suits, jeans, tennis shoes, t-shirts or tank tops, and women are to wear appropriate tops (no halters or spaghetti straps).
Remote Preparation

Day of Liturgy

Arrive at church 30 minutes before the start of Liturgy and check the Bulletin Board in the check-in area for any special notices/instructions.

Complete the following Check List.
  • Check to see that Processional Cross is at rear of church.
  • Ushers have lit all candles (including the Paschal candle during the Easter Season). If not then light the candles.
  • Place the FRONT tabernacle key on the shelf in the front.
  • Set-up credence table with the following items:
    • Celebrants Chalice with a Purificator and, Corporal
    • six (6) Chalices with ½ to ¾ (10:30) cups of unconsecrated wine in each chalice and seven (7) Purificators
    • there should be a total of five (5) Patens including the Celebrants and those in the Tabernacle
    • a cruet with water
    • and the Lavabo (hand washing pitcher with water and bowl) with a hand towel
  • Set-up the gift table at the rear of church with:
    • an empty Chalice
    • a small cruet of unconsecrated wine (1/2 cup)
    • the celebrant's paten with a large host (on top) and enough unconsecrated hosts for your Mass. Check the number of consecrated hosts in the Tabernacle to determine how many unconsecrated hosts you should put out.
  • Make sure that the EM Captains confirmed the duties of each EM
  • If there is a visiting priest, welcome him and introduce yourself. Be sure he is familiar with our routines for Procession, Communion, etc… unless our pastor or Director of Liturgy has already done so.
  • If EM's have not signed-in 10 minutes prior to the beginning of mass, find the necessary substitutes with the help of the EM Captains.
  • Cross Bearer is checked in, if not find a substitute
  • Ushers are checked in, if not find substitute(s)
  • Readers are checked in, if not find a substitute(s)
  • Altar Servers are checked in, or find substitute(s). Be sure they are wearing the correct color cord; the color is listed on the ministry schedule.
  • Stand in the Narthex if time allows and greet the arriving parishioners.
  • Invite 3 people from the congregation to be Gift Bearers.
  • Prepare Procession for the start of Mass
    • Cross Bearer
    • Altar Server(s) with candles unless there is only one altar server, than a candle is NOT carried. When there is only one altar server they are to process behind the cross bearer with their hands folded in prayer (palms together, fingers pointing to heaven)
    • Reader (holding Gospel Book) – unless there is a deacon.
    • Deacon
    • Priest(s)
    • When the Mass is concelebrated and there are two priests and a deacon; the primary celebrant walks behind the other celebrant with the deacon to the right of the primary celebrant.
  • Following the General Intercessions (Prayers of the Faithful) stand by the Gift Table and coach Gift Bearers: the Host, Wine and empty Chalice are to be handed to Priest at the bottom of the stairs. Before they return to their seats they are to bow reverencing the altar.
  • Procession should commence when the Celebrant starts to approach the stairs.

A First Aid Kit is hanging on the wall to the left, inside the sacristy door.
A wheel chair is located in the sacristy.
Hearing devices are located in the top draw to the left, inside the sacristy.
A stretcher is hanging on the wall in the hall to the Nursery.