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Small Church Communities

Small Church Communities are small groups of parishioners who meet to pray, share their church and care for each other on a personal level. Each Small Church Community uses a facilitator who acts as a link between the Small Church Community, the core team and the Pastor. The facilitator always keeps the group aware of its connection to the larger Church. There are eighteen Small Church Communities.

Small Church Communities

Core Team

The Core Team is the leadership team for the Small Church Communities. Core Team members give the communities direction, act as communication links for the facilitators, plan spiritual growth experiences for the facilitators, and plan opportunities for the Small Church Communities to come together as a larger church community. The Core Team is also responsible for assuring that RCIA inquirers and candidates are welcomed as members of St. Paul's Small Church Communities. The Core Team meets on the first Moinday of each month.

The Core Team is actively seeking new members. You do not have to be a member of a Small Church Group. Contact ken Kaczmarek at 294-2558 or via email at ken_kaczmarek@yahoo.com for more information about the core team.

Group Member

Because St. Paul's is such a large church community, all St. Paul's parishioners are encouraged to join a Small Church Community to experience church in a smaller setting. You are encouraged to "try" a group to see if you are comfortable with it, or move to another group if you are not comfortable. The commitment is to yourself and the group. The groups usually meet twice a month. Groups meet during the day or evening, depending on their members' schedules. Some meet in parishioners' homes and some meet at St. Paul's. Most existing groups are actively seeking new members.

A Small Chruch group is a great way for parishioners new to Greensboro or new to St. Paul to become active in the Parish and meet new people. Please contact Sue Cole at 668-0527 or via email at sscole@triad.rr.com.

Contact Ken Kaczmareck at 294-2558.