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Parish Staff

Parish Office Hours: Monday through Friday; 8:30 am to 4:30 pm; Closed from 12 Noon to 1 pm.
ph: 336.294.4696; fax: 336.294.6149

Father Joseph Mackfrjoemack@stpaulcc.orgPastor
Colleen Assalcassal@stpaulcc.orgPastoral Associate
Deacon Gordon Foresterglf0704@bellsouth.netPermanent Deacon
Deacon Larry Liskllisk@stpaulcc.orgPermanent Deacon
Deacon Mike Martinimmartini@triad.rr.comPermanent Deacon
Patty Freemansecretary@stpaulcc.org Parish Secretary
Estelle Bowmanebowman@stpaulcc.org Music Coordinator
Jeannine Martinjmartin@stpaulcc.orgDirector of Faith Formation
Peggy Connollypconnolly@stpaulcc.orgDirector of Liturgy
Susan Raboldsrabold@stpaulcc.orgDirector of Youth Ministry
Pat McGurkbpm3930@windstream.netLife Teen Music Director
Marilou Foxmfox@stpaulcc.orgDirector of Finance
Mary Liskmlisk@stpaulcc.orgPart time Accounting Clerk
Frank Rizzofjrizzo@aol.comBuilding and Grounds Coordinator
Terry Corneliustcornelius@stpaulcc.orgFaith Formation and Youth Ministry Assistant
Rich Auvilrauvil@stpaulcc.org Director of Music