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Coordinator: Marge Caronna

  • Facilitate an atmosphere of welcoming among the celebrating church community
  • Greet people with friendliness and warmth
Basic Requirements
  • Arrive no less than 15-20 minutes early
  • Be faithful to the schedule - get a substitute when needed
What is the appropriate attire when serving in any liturgical ministry?
  • Dress according to the dignity of the ministry:
    • No one is allowed to wear shorts, even dress shorts, sweat suits, jeans, tennis shoes, t-shirts or tank tops.
Remote Preparation

Day of the Liturgy

Preparation prior to the Liturgy
  • Upon arrival, check name on liturgy board, pick up your nametag.
  • Check the board for any notices to ALL MINISTERS or to USHERS.
  • Position bulletins and song sheets and/or programs to be handed out.
  • Ensure collection baskets are available.
  • Check that candles are lit (including Paschal candle during the Easter Season).
  • Doors between Narthex and worship space are to be CLOSED.
  • Be welcoming and friendly to everyone and help those who may need special attention
  • Distribute bulletins/song sheets/programs to people as they enter the church.
  • Be prepared to help people find seats at crowded masses
  • Remain in the Narthex to greet people and distribute bulletins/song sheets/programs until people are seated for Liturgy of the Word
  • Do NOT seat people during readings, etc: seat people between readings/psalm.
  • Using the counters please count the total number of people in attendance at the Mass.

General - Where and How

  • Move down the aisles with the collection baskets as soon as the General Intercessions are over. DO NOT WAIT
  • Empty baskets into large basket and carry forward - place in front of altar
  • Repeat for second collections, carrying both baskets to the altar.

General - Where and How

  • Move to front of church as Eucharistic Ministers approach their positions. When the ministers are in place, start the people moving from front to back.
  • One of the center aisle Usher is to remain in the back long enough to identify parishioners who need to receive the Eucharist brought to them. The move to your position in the center aisle.
End of Liturgy
  • Usher(s) position to retrieve gift basket(s) for recession. Follow Cross.
  • Open doors from Church to the Narthex when cross bearer reaches the back
  • Greet people, wish them a good day, etc.
  • Collect song sheets/programs.
  • Two ushers should place collection in plastic bags and put them in the safe. Remember all of the bags for your Mass, whether you used them or not, are to be put in the safe.
  • One or two ushers should police pews, collect bulletins, etc.
  • Ensure candles are extinguished after the Saturday 5:00, Sunday 10:30 and 5:00.

A First Aid Kit is hanging on the wall to the left, inside the sacristy door.
A wheel chair is located in the sacristy.
Hearing devices are located in the top draw to the left, inside the sacristy.
A stretcher is hanging on the wall in the hall to the Nursery.