Offertory Auto Draft

Thank you to all who are using auto draft for your donations. It is a tremendous help for our budget. To download a copy of an auto draft request form click here.

St. Paul the Apostle Church wants to introduce a new method of making autodraft payments. If you are already registered as an autodraft giver and have given us a current email address, then you may use this link to initiate your own contribution through the internet. As a reminder, we will continue to draft your account through the church office for regular offertory if you have registered with us. This new method is available for making second collection contributions for those who have not already signed up to have them drafted or for new autodrafts after you have sent the proper paper through to the church office, designating your desire to initiate the draft yourself.

See the illustration below to help you correctly identify the Routing Number and Account Number located at bottom left on your Voided check.


Please note: We are adding new date options for drafting your bank or credit card account. If the 5th or the 20th don’t work for you, you may now pick a date of your choice. for more information, or to begin an auto draft. please call 336-294-4596.

The forms with links above are provided for your convenience. Please complete the form/forms and return to the parish office. We can not initiate or discontinue auto draft via email or this website.