Parish Staff

Parish Office Hours: Monday through Friday; 8:00 am to 1:00 pm;  Phone: 336.294.4696

If you would like to contact staff by email, please CLICK HERE and leave your name and contact information and the staff member you are trying to reach.  We will promptly forward the email to them.

Father Joseph Mack — Pastor
Deacon Larry Lisk — Permanent Deacon
Deacon Mike Martini — Permanent Deacon
Amy Marmion — Outreach Coordinator
Patty Freeman — Office Manager/Bulletin Editor
Rich Auvil — Music Coordinator/Life Teen Music Director
Mary Smith — Director of Faith Formation
Chris Neubauer — Director of Liturgy
Susan Rabold — Director of Youth Ministry
Marilou Fox — Director of Finance
Lisa Dixon — Incoming Director of Finance
Mary Lisk — Part time Accounting Clerk
Jennie Tucker — Part time Accounting Clerk
Terry Cornelius — Faith Formation and Youth Ministry Assistant/Systems Administrator
Bruce Tucker — Facilities Manager