Funeral Planning

When in the process of planning a Funeral Mass, you might find it convenient to have access to the planning materials from the comfort of your home.  This allows you the freedom to spend as much time with the planning material as you want, to plan in multiple blocks of time, and to have listen and read about the musical selections.

You can either jot down selections with pencil and paper and bring this to your planning session at the church, or you can begin filling out the planning form by printing it here.

Simply follow the links below to begin planning:

  1. Introduction – A brief video and written material to learn about the Catholic Funeral Mass
    • MUST READ; In addition to the information above, please see this brief document concerning the Disposition of Cremains.
  2. The Planning Guide – This PDF file contains the readings and musical selections.
  3. Musical Selections – This page contains links that allow you to listen to and learn more about the musical selections listed in the guide.